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Our Health and Safety Training kiosk / Safety Kiosk is designed to engage and modernise the world of training inductions.

The Health and Safety Training Kiosk system, tracks who and when has taken the inductions, whether they have passed or failed induction and alerts reception when the visitors next comes to site that their visitor inductions are upto date.

The visitor Health and safety inductions have full statistic reporting functionality so that your health and Safety Officer can see what areas most people have been inducted for and what are the most common failed questions etc.

Safety Training Kiosk Features
Company Branding
Safety Pass
Random Questions and Answers
Individual and Group Training
Most Common Failed Questions
Analytic Reporting
Group Training Android App
Capacitive Touch Screen
intel i3/i5/i7 Processor
A4 Laser Printer
Cordless Headphone
20 Watt Speaker
Bar Code Scanner
High Quality Metal Enclosure

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